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If you have chronic joint pain, musculoskeletal injections can be an effective way to ease inflammation and improve your quality of life. However, no one should diagnose themselves. At Comprehensive Arthritis Care, Board-Certified Rheumatologist Mohammad F. Ali, MD, and the skilled team of physician assistants provide effective personalized care for painful conditions like rheumatoid arthritis in the Hendersonville, Tennessee, office. Call the office or use the provided online booking feature to set up your appointment today.

Musculoskeletal Injection Q&A

What are musculoskeletal injections?

Musculoskeletal injections ease pain and inflammation in your joints and the surrounding tissues. With injections, you get a concentrated dose of medications that quickly work to improve your symptoms and help you become more active. 

When might I need musculoskeletal injections?

Musculoskeletal injections are often part of a treatment plan for patients with arthritis and other diseases that cause joint pain. While you might start out with oral medication, it might not be effective enough if you’re living with serious joint pain and swelling. 

Musculoskeletal injections can work in a few different ways to relieve symptoms. For example, corticosteroid injections reduce the joint inflammation causing your pain. Another example is hyaluronic acid injections that restore joint lubrication and improve movement. 

Other drugs are available via injection, too, such as methotrexate for rheumatoid arthritis. 

How does the musculoskeletal injection process work?

At Comprehensive Arthritis Care, the experienced team often performs muscle and joint injections. This helps them place the medication where it can have the best possible effects and go to work the fastest. They typically also inject a local anesthetic which makes the process comfortable.

Musculoskeletal injections are an outpatient procedure, so you can go home shortly afterward. The team provides discharge instructions, but you can generally return immediately to your usual routine.

What are the advantages of musculoskeletal injections?

Musculoskeletal injections provide nonsurgical pain relief and improved mobility. 

While oral medication can provide effective pain relief, it’s a short-term solution. For example, an anti-inflammatory pill lasts about six hours, while a musculoskeletal steroid injection can give you weeks or months of relief. 

Musculoskeletal injections can take effect fairly quickly, so they may help you limit the amount of oral pain medication you need. 

Aside from pain relief, musculoskeletal injections can greatly improve swelling and stiffness, helping you enjoy a better range of motion and even improve overall mobility. 

Overall, musculoskeletal injections are a highly effective quality-of-life measure that may help you avoid surgery and long periods of downtime. 

Musculoskeletal injections can combine well with other treatments, for example, lifestyle interventions, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. 

Comprehensive Arthritis Care provides a complete treatment plan based on your individual needs. Call the office or book your appointment online to find out whether musculoskeletal injections are the right treatment approach for you.